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Welcome to my writing journal! This is designed as a place for me to post pieces of writing that I'm working on. It's a long-term project, and I'm hoping it will give me an excuse to actually write more and improve my skills. Because, let's face it, I have a long way to go. :) For my non-original works, please see quintis. For my standard journalling, please see miss_rynn.

All the stuff contained herein is my own work, and will be entirely my own creation. Please respect that.

Current writing projects:

"A Modern Lady's Guide to Etiquette" - Semi-autobiographic thingie. Based on my experiences growing up as a corporate brat and international jet-setter.

"Triptych" - A story idea I've had for a while about witches, demons, and growing up in a harsh modern world.

"Into the Fire" - (working title) A collaborative writing project, of the super secret kind!